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Move clutter from one place to another

So..... Josh and I bought a DR Brush Mower. I needed to find space for it at my garage at home. I had amassed shelves, solid closet doors that can be used for shelves, and thick plywood that can also be used for shelving. I had also purchased a wagon for the ATV, and some steel shelving to help us organize the utility building. Since all of this was intended for use in the utility building at CWD, it was time to get it moved to create space in my garage at home.

The brush mower will help us keep the driveways wider (they tend to start growing in over the course of a summer) and do general clearing of other spaces on the property.

So, Lorraine and I scheduled a trip to deliver these materials and get some work done.

We departed around 8:30 AM on Friday, and after a few stops arrived on the property a bit after 12:30.

We started with unloading the materials and locating them where we needed them to be. Then we tackled the wagon. I have learned that the need for an ATV is huge, and a wagon to pull behind it is kind of the icing on the cake. Good to have ATV. Better to have a wagon to pull behind it. And, it proved its value during this trip as we were able to use it for multiple purposes.

After the wagon was assembled, we took off on to the clearing/water, checked things out, and head back. Lorraine did some test drives of the ATV, as we need her to get comfortable with driving it.

The rest of the day was spent pulling debris from "the split", the area where the incoming driveway splits left to go to the fire lane, and right to go to the camping clearing and water. We were able to pull quite a bit out to cut up and burn.

This split in the driveway, right in front of the porch of the building, is intended to be the location where I establish my first birch tree grove. I recently purchased and planted (25) gray birch trees in the garden at my home. These were 6"-12" bare-root trees, and I hope to get them growing and healthy before I move them to the property. So, this area at the split needs to have all of the debris cleared. I will also need to take out some trees, as I need the area to be clear and sun able to get to the trees. I will also need to protect these trees from deer, elk, etc.

We hopped into town to get some fried chicken from Hansen's, along with some salads. Good meal, but disappointed that the price of their fried chicken has gone up in price by $5, and the chickens are small..... the leg seemed more like a wing than a leg. Then it was just a night of sitting on our porch and burning debris before heading for bed in the camper in the building.

I was up early on Saturday morning, and got going on some tasks. I love the mornings, and it is my favorite time of the day on the property.

Once Lorraine was up and moving, and after we were done with breakfast, we started on erecting the (3) steel shelving units. Due to slopes and such with the building floor, it took a bit longer than we would have wished, but we got 'em done.

After lunch, it was back to more clearing debris at the split. There was some larger tree limbs that caused me to get into the thick of things to cut up before we could pull it out. I was hoping the ticks were down low.... it got pretty cold the night before. But we did find that the ticks are already active. No bites, but the ticks were there. In the end, I was pretty happy with the work we accomplished in clearing. I would guess we got about 50% of the debris cleaned out of there. This is where the brush mower will come into play... I can use that to mulch up the rest to prepare it for the birch trees.

Speaking of the ticks.... Lorraine found two on her that we are pretty sure came from our dog. Wisconsin did not have hardly any snow this winter.... and the winter was way too mild. We need the severe cold snaps to kill off some of the bugs, including the ticks. But since it was a mild winter, I suspect the ticks are going to be a major issue this year.

We ordered pizza from Rozario's. I am always a fan, but tonight I was not thrilled with the pizza nor the price of it.

Another night of burning debris and sitting on the porch. Off to bed. Up early, wrapped things up and headed for home. I was very happy with what we accomplished, and getting the building more and more organized will continue to develop and make our lives easier. "Easier" just means we now have some of the equipment we need and a place to store it. The ATV/wagon alone has already proven their worth.


After I was home and looked at the trail camera pictures, I found a series of pictures of an elk. I am not sure if this is the same elk as before. I am not sure why he is alone, as I thought they all (the herd) travelled together. One of the pictures is included in the slideshow.


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