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About Us


We are Brad and Lorraine Kunde. We have been enamoured by beautiful spaces that help to de-clutter one's sense of being, and are passionate about the importance of those spaces for us and our future generations.


We have built our vision over the years, and now find ourselves making this vision real. As such, we want to share it with others.


Follow our Journey here.

But this adventure is not just us. It involves friends and family who support our efforts in so many ways. I want to introduce you to the core group of people who have made the most difference. Meet them here.

Why Clearwater Dells?


Peace and serenity, free of mental and physical clutter...​


Most vacation destinations are geared towards putting as many people as possible in a space, or turning people quickly to generate revenue. Not here. We have 8.3 acres of land with a variety of natural interests and trails, and over 650 ft of water frontage on Hall's Creek for your use. We only ask one thing...


Respect the land and water; leave it with no signs you have even been here.


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