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Brad and Brad and an ATV

One of the core reasons we needed a utility building at the property is to house an ATV. I already have a Polaris Ranger at my home that was intended to be used at the property. But it has become obvious to me that a 4-wheel ATV with a wagon would be more beneficial than a side-by-side ATV. We REALLY need an ATV at the property. It is hard to deal with brush/wood that we throw off to the side. The ATV will allow us to more efficiently get the property cleaned up.

One of my best friends, Brad, was going with me on this trip. Brad and I have always been pretty tight, even though most of our lives are spent away from each other. But for me, he is a treasured friend. Brad had retired a few years ago from the electrical field. He is also an avid outdoorsman, hunter, and has a few ATV's of his own.

Brad had been to the property once before, but that was ten years ago in 2014. His employment took him all over the country, and with his one daughter and grandchildren living in Green Bay, and his other daughter in a few different locations, when he was home it needed to revolve around his family. Between family, hunting season, and always lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it..... well, I did not want to occupy his time with going to the property. But now that we are both retired, it is now a good time to "bring him back into the fold".

I had been looking for something along the way of a Polaris 450. I looked at many, found one I liked, and purchased it. Brad and I were going to head up to Madison to pick it up, take it up to the property, and spend the night. And that is what we did.

We stopped for a quick lunch at the Taco John's at the Cenex in BRF, and then stopped by Nick's store since I had see his truck there when we were going to the Cenex. Then it was out to the property. I looked forward to Brad seeing the progress of the past ten years. When he was here last, it was only the fire lane, initial driveway, and the walking trails. Now we have outhouses and stairs and firewood storage and clearings and another driveway and a utility building.

After the initial unloading and talking about stuff, we headed back to the clearing and went down to check out the water. And then, we put the ATV to work. Brad started using the winch to pull debris out of the forest and pulling it over to me to cut and burn. Just as I knew, it made a huge difference in quickly cleaning up debris. We worked pretty hard, waited for the fire to tame down, and then headed into town to eat some pizza at Rozario's. While slow, the pizza is good.

We headed back to the property and sat around the fire until about 10:00 PM. Then, it was back to sleep in the camper inside of the building (with a few windows open since we were running the heater). It was cold that night, getting down to 21 degrees. I had slept in this before, but it sure seemed colder. In any case, we decided to forego the breakfast burritos and get going. We were out of there around 7:15 AM.

A nice trip with my good friend. A new (used) ATV. Lovin' it.


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