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A Break from Covid 19

Lorraine and I had been working from home under stay-at-home orders related to the Corona virus pandemic. Needless to say, we were earning for some nature.

Molly and Nathan decided they were going to go over to the property for the same reasons. They were going to camp for two nights, while Lorraine and I were just doing a day-trip (up and back on the same day) in order to do some spring clean-up.

The winter damage was not too bad, so we spent the time picking up sticks/limbs from the driveways. I cleaned up the trail from the clearings to the outhouse. We also cleaned up the pavilion clearing and did some burning, although the county was under a burn ban as we found out later. But already knowing it was dry, we were cautious.

I was able to do a bit of planning for the next trip. Our Envirolok bags held up well and looking forward to doing more work to shore up the bottom.

We were originally planning to open for business on May 1. But we just are not ready yet, so we are doing a time-out while we shore things up. Our business plan lends itself well to the present situation. We are renting to campers that don't want the crowds..... that want space. The timing would have been perfect, but we would rather do it right than do it fast.

In September, I placed a new trial camera on the stairway pointing down on the water. I thought it would be interesting to capture some paddlers on the water, along with any wildlife that may come along. I was not disappointed in the pictures. Can you name the various wildlife?

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