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We have a new clearing near the water

Trip with friends from work, and we had a blast. Our intent was to start doing some clearing back near the water for a more permanent camping site. Lance had noticed this site last year, and we had plans to get after it by using his ATV to help pull out some smaller trees. So, Bryan helped me with the mowing, while Lance, Danny, Joel and Dave got to work on the clearing. They moved fast and got a lot of work done in just a few hours. Do have some cleanup to do now, but can work on that on my own. We decided to just set up camp at the fire lane rather than hauling everything back to this new site, but I'll be able to work on this over time this summer. A second picnic table assembled that I had pre-built at home. We had a good supper, and then all went down to rinse/swim in the creek. They had received six inches of rain over the past week, so flood waters appeared to be four to five feet higher than normal, but the water had receded by the time we were there. Good beer and campfire at night closed out the day. The next morning, we cooked up a good breakfast, and then headed up to the dam after checking out the water at the canoe landing. The Black River was high (reminded me of spring levels of water), but I think everyone enjoyed going there (the dam); it is a neat place to hike to. After, we went to the Lake Arbutus East Campground where a few took showers, and then back to the property for the afternoon. We dealt with a few tick issues (ticks were worse than I had ever seen up there; probably related to all of the rain?). Bryan, Dave, Danny and I took off on a tube float down the creek. About 3/4 of the way down, a pretty hefty waterfall due to rains; Bryan and I scaled up to it and were able to stand in it and behind it.... something else I can cross off of my bucket list (standing in a waterfall)!

Another good supper at night, with more beer and campfire time. All were early to bed. Early rise, and on the road by 7:00 AM. A good time seemed to be had by all, and we appreciate the effort they put into the new camp site.

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