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Ticks are one reason I won't kill the snakes

So, a few months back we found what we thought was a timber rattlesnake. As it turned out, it was a Fox Snake. Many people don't understand why I would not kill a snake. I see snakes now and then on the property, and I let them be.

John, after finding out he had Lyme Disease from a tick bite that he most likely received while he was at our property or somewhere near there, obviously did some research on ticks. He was telling me he saw a science special where they had a mouse, and on that mouse was approximately 50 nymph ticks, which is typical for mice.

I don't kill the snakes because they eat the mice and other small rodents. Small rodents are the easiest thing for ticks to latch onto and feed on.

I believe when we interfere with the natural cycle of life, we impact things like this. If we kill the snakes, we have more rodents. When we have more rodents, we have more ticks.

Simple, right?

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