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Tubing, Kayaking and Power Paragliding... does it get any better than that?

Trip with Lorraine, Josh, Jack, John, Leann, Ryan, Allie and Megan. Lorraine, Jack and I travelled up early to set up camp and get ready for supper. The others rolled in around supper time. Josh, Ryan, Allie and Megan immediately took a tube trip down to the canoe landing. John and I looked for a place for him to launch his powered paraglider that he had brought up with him. After picking the group up from the canoe landing, we spent the evening around the campfire, eating s'mores and building memories while talking about memories. Everyone camped in either the pop-up or in tents except for Lorraine and Leann, who stayed at the hotel.

The next morning I was able to get the fire going again in order to make breakfast for everyone. John looked for sites to launch, and eventually went to the airport south of Black River Falls.

John finally finds us around the 12:19 mark of the video.

After John was able to return to the property, and after dealing with a campsite injury, we hauled Josh and Ryan up to the Garage Road put-in, where they kayaked down to the property, did some swapping of kayaks and tubes, and continued down to the canoe landing with a larger party.

Josh and Ryan's trip is documented here:

After supper, just some campfire comradery and then sleep. The next morning was breakfast and picking up camp and on the road early afternoon to travel back home.

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