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Bryan, pick up that log, will ya'?

Trip up with Bryan; hauled up the pop-up camper. This camper is a game-changer, and takes staying here to a whole new level. Our primary purpose on this trip was to use a Bobcat to level out the new driveway and clearing.

We had rain all the way up, but then it quit right when we got to BRF. Stopped in at Scholze to settle up (they had already delivered the Bobcat for me) and then headed to the property.

First time using the Dutch Oven to make up some chili for supper.... awesome. Did some scoping of the job to do, but it was a bit too wet to get going.

Actually overslept a bit the next morning, but started working around 8:30. Bryan figured out how to get the Bobcat going while I prepared coffee and breakfast.

We worked pretty steady until finishing up around 2:00 PM. I was very happy with the results and feel that I now have a driveway and clearing that is suitable for driving, mowing, and even cross-country skiing.

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