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I can drop that tree

Trip up with Josh; first time with the pop-up camper. Got to property around 7:00 PM and set up camper in near darkness. Josh took a dip in the water, but said it was chilly.

Woke up the next day, intending to use a brush mower to work on the new driveway. After some back-and-forth with the rental location, we had a brush mower that worked well. Josh did most of the brush mowing, while I cut up the two downed trees in the clearing.

I also had a tree near the clearing that had snapped off about twenty feet from the ground, the top twisted and laying at a 45-degree angle across the walking trail. My only option was to drop the whole tree, and it all went according to plan with the tree dropping right where I intended.

While the new driveway and clearing requires some additional work with a Bobcat, I was able to drive all of it all the way back to the clearing. The picture shows my truck and the trailer back at the clearing, just to prove I was able to drive back there now!

Josh and I spent some time at the Black River below the Hatfield Dam; fished by did not catch anything. Showered and to town for pizza.

We worked hard and were tired, so were in bed by 9:00. Up the next day and hit the road back home.

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