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Spring Cleaning

Ron, Bryan and I decided to do a one-nighter to do winter clean-up and prep the property for the season. We also needed to do some flagging for some rock to be brought in for our driveway.

We arrived at the property around 12:30 on Friday, with our Hansen's fried chicken and coleslaw for lunch. After grabbing a bite to eat, Bryan started to saw some trees that were downed (small trees we just dragged back to the fire lane). Ron and I started cleaning up sticks from the first driveway area.

Ron and Bryan took some rakes and the blower to work on clearing the driveway from the fire lane back to the clearing. I went to the front to cut up a limb that had come down and had some branches coming into the driveway.

I gave the "best outhouse in Wisconsin" a good cleaning and then joined Ron and Bryan. It was pretty dry and a bit windy, so we avoided fire but did have some stuff to burn. We decided to wait until dusk hoping the wind would die down and it did. So, after a good supper of Ron's deer brats, we went back to the clearing to burn our piles. It had calmed down enough for us to do that.

A good night laughing around the campfire, trying to guess my ipod songs, and off to bed. It got pretty cold, so it was nice to have some heat in the camper.

Ron and I were up early on Saturday, and took off to do some bagging at the bottom of the stairs. Would have been nice if I hadn't forgotten the tamper, but we still filled eighteen bags that we can spike and set next time we are up there. I was really happy that we got this many bags filled. Hopefully, we'll have this almost done after our next trip!

We flagged the driveway. The ponding water and rough path has convinced me we will never get it smooth and shedding water properly, so the time has come to put in some rock on the driveway. My neighbor, Nick, had put some rock in for me at the front of the property, and it is wonderful. Besides, when we open for rentals to RV'ers, we will need this paved in some form, and the crushed granite just looks good and somewhat natural.

We were on the road by 11:00 AM and back home. And, this time I am actually writing the blog post after our arrival back.


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