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Prep for Winter

A one-nighter with Lorraine. Now that we have a camper with some heat, it is nice to come up during my favorite time of the year...... Fall.

As my last post stated, I was lax in getting my last two posts of 2020 done in a timely manner. So, I'll do the best I can and have let the pictures help me remember.

We arrived, and after setting up the camper found we had a large tree limb down across the driveway near the back clearing, so that was job #1. Lorraine and I then stripped everything from the green Perception Sound that had been damaged by mice. I wanted to bring it all home and sterilize and/or find replacements. I also had to bring the other Perception Sound home with me since it had a hole in it that needed to be repaired.

Then it was normal winterizing activities..... locate the Bravo trailer near the fire lane and get it cleaned, organized and mouse-proofed, mouse-proof the kayaks, put up picnic tables, etc.

We decided to then go exploring, heading up to Neillsville, stopping at the Black River at Highway 95. Grabbed some DQ for the road and headed west and checking out Wedges Creek on Highway 10.

We did some cleanup/burning work when we got back, and left for home Saturday morning.


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