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PDS Derecho

"PDS": Particularly Dangerous Situation"

Last Wednesday (7/28/21), weather reports indicated the potential for very severe thunderstorms with a possible derecho pushing south thru Wisconsin and into Illinois. We experienced a derecho about one year ago at our home in northwestern Illinois and were without power for four days with severe damage all around us. We were paying close attention to the radar and it did not look good at the property.

But we have a booked month, so I had to take the approach that "it is what it is" and hope we were not hit too badly. On Saturday, I received a text from my neighbor Nick saying that our mowers told him we have trees blocking our "roads" and trails and they could not get back to mow. I received a text from David (our mower) telling me about the damage also. So yeah; we have a mess.

Nick sent me some pics today, but I have no context (i.e. I don't know what I am looking at except for downed trees, but I can't tell where they are located).

Bryan and Dave will travel with me this Thursday to help me get the pathways cleared so the mowers can mow.

I'll post some pics and the tale once I return later this week.



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