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A bit of relaxing on this trip

Trip up with Lorraine; one-night stay at the hotel.

Worked on Friday; actually, Lorraine did most of the work. We cleaned up and burned some of the clutter from the clearing for the shed.

Did a bit of fishing. Looked like bluegills in there, but I have never heard of bluegills in fast moving water. Had one on, but lost it, so did not catch anything, although there were fish there.

Good pizza and a campfire at night.

Went out early the next morning to do some basic cleanup. Went to Cain's Orchard to pick blueberries, but they weren't open. Spent time at flea markets/antique stores up in Hixton as research for future guests. Bought a hand saw for some of the branches/limbs that are too big for a pruner, but too small for a chainsaw.

On the road to head back home by noon.

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