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Canoecopia 2019

At Canoecopia 2018, we attended the presentation by Timothy Bauer with, where he talked about three great weekend paddling destinations. Those three destinations were the Bois Brule River in Northern Wisconsin, the Black River Falls area in Central Wisconsin, and the East Branch of the Pecatonica River in Southern Wisconsin. Tim admitted in his presentation that he could spend an hour just talking about the Black River Falls area and intended to do so the next year. That next year was here.

Timothy was true to his word and was on the schedule to talk for two sessions; the first being the I-94 corridor which, of course, includes the Black River Falls area. But I'm sure he glossed over that since he had his second session specifically focused on the Black River Falls area.

We adjusted our schedule since Timothy was only going to do this session on Sunday, while he was speaking about the I-94 corridor on both Saturday and Sunday. So, we went on Saturday and Sunday instead of our planned Friday to Saturday trip.

Timothy really sold the area well, talking about all things from paddling (obviously) the main waterways that are within our reach.... the Black River, Hall's Creek, Morrison Creek, Wedges Creek and Robinson Creek. He stated that without a doubt, this is his favorite place to paddle in the entire state of Wisconsin; not that there are not better waters to paddle, but that the variety has something to offer just about any skill level or type of water desired.

He also spoke of places to camp, other area activities, and of course... the ticks.

The room was filled up for this presentation; in fact, the Rutabaga people announced it was the largest attended session during the entire three-day event. As I learned later, Timothy actually had to fill in on Saturday and give this same presentation to take the place of a presenter that could not make it.

I enjoy the people at this show because they tend to align with our vision to protect our beautiful spaces so we and our future generations can enjoy those spaces clutter-free.

While we spent very little money on this trip, and while we did attend other sessions, this one session made the entire trip worth the time. Nice job, Timothy!

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