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Hurricane force winds and 2" of rain

Trip with Bryan, Dave and Terry. Due to many complications earlier this year, we had not been able to get to the property yet this year. I told them ahead of time that we would need to mow, and we could have trees down blocking our way. Our intent was to drive back to, and camp at, the new clearing near the water.

Sure enough, we got there only to find a tree blocking the driveway shortly after pulling into the property. Then, my chainsaw would not start. So, Bryan and I used a hand saw to clear the way, while Dave dealt with a key issue with his truck (long story).

We were finally able to get in, and begin to mow. But then the mower failed, and we could not finish. Later in the afternoon, rain came in; not a gentle rain, but a cloud burst that came and lasted for hours. We camped overnight to awaken to a fairly quiet, but very damp, morning. Checking the forecast, there would be more rain coming in the afternoon, so the executive decision was made to begin to dry out to pack up and head home early.

Despite these challenges, we were still able to get work done. We moved the trash can storage from the fire lane back to the clearing, were able to get the pop-up camper positioned in a good location, and were able to install the kayak storage racks and mount the kayaks.

What we were not able to do was to kayak as was planned. A bit of a disappointing trip, but we still had a good time and were able to get some things done.

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