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The waterfall was flowing

Family weekend. Lorraine, Lorraine's dad, Jack; sister, Audra; niece, Allie along with Molly and I.

I traveled up early on Thursday to mow before they arrived. When they arrived, we went down to the water. Stepping around on boulders, I saw a large fish swimming out, and it was "longer than my arm". My friends will understand how big that fish was. It was a good thing Audra saw it also, or no one would believe me. In any case, it without a doubt is the biggest fish I've seen down there.... I am thinking it only could have been a walleye due to the size and shape; not a trout, not a bass, and not a pike.

After we came back up, we grabbed the tubes. Molly, Allie and I tubed; see the video here (sorry, but having issues loading GoPro videos to YouTube, so don't have this available right now).

A good campfire at night, with Burnstad's chicken and salads; a good meal. S'mores later on. Held a learning session with the group, teaching how to start fire without matches or a lighter. After some time, both Molly and Allie were able to start fire, so they both are members of the "Clearwater Dells Flint and Lint Club". Nighttime in the hotel.

Lorraine took her family to Lacrosse the next day while I spent time at the property to get some work done. Started doing the clearing for the future shed, just off of the fire lane. I bundled some "wall sections" for the trail going down towards the water with some of the trees I had removed, but did not install them yet.

Having cut some firewood from some of the old dropped limbs and such, I decided to start splitting that wood, which led to me stripping out the entire woodpile, splitting all of the wood, cleaning out underneath, and re-stacking the wood in my own proper manner. Since I did this, I did not get as much clearing done as I would have liked, but this firewood situation needed to be worked on since much of it was too wet and was starting to rot.

Did a bit more cleanup, loaded up everything in the truck, and just had one thing left to do.... rinse off. So, I went on down to the creek, waded in, and started up to my favorite boulder, where the water is up to my chest. I heard some voices from upstream, and long story short.... I did end up meeting one of my neighbors to the north, who waded downstream.

Good supper at The Orange Moose, concert and fireworks at Lunda Park, and a good night sleep.

Woke up early on Saturday and went out to the property, but just did minor work. To Hatfield Flea Market for a bit after the rest of the family picked me up, and than left for home around noon.

It was a fun time with family.

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