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Powerhouse Road to Paddy's Landing

The trip:

This is our best trip for beginners. In fact, this would be our recommended trip for any person new to the sport of kayaking and want to try moving water.

A very nice put-in at the powerhouse starts your trip through a rock garden in some fairly shallow water but also some nice riffles and rapids. The east side (river-left) of the river is Black River State Forest, as is the island directly ahead of you. The property on the west side (river-right) is private property until you are a bit beyond the island (shown as the thin lime green horizontal line in the map to the right).

You are free to get out on Black River State Forest land whenever and wherever you wish.

The island can be navigated on either the east or west channels, although both will have you searching for the right line to run in lower water levels.

Once the two channels merge back together and you experience some nice splashy rapids, you will paddle quiet water the remaining distance to Paddy's Landing.

Paddy's Landing is a nice take-out, and a nice place to just hang out for awhile.

Kayak Button - Green - with enhanced whi

Duration: 30 to 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Beginner

Water Class: less than Class I

Leg: Powerhouse Road to Paddy's Landing

Leg-specific precautions:

  • There is some pretty deep water in places; always wear your PFD!

  • Shallow and rocky rapids in places; always wear your helmet!

About the Put-In (Powerhouse Road Landing):

  • The power company maintains the put-in which is one of the better ones you will find

  • Parking: there is parking for three to four vehicles

  • Facilities: a porta-potty is available

  • Description: a slight rocky path takes you to a nice flat put-in area beneath the powerhouse.


About the Take-Out (Paddy's Landing):

  • Jackson County maintains a dirt road down to a small parking area

  • Parking: there is parking for two to three vehicles

  • Facilities: none

  • Description: easy short hike from gravel/sand bar to parking area

The Black River
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