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We received periodic emails from a branch of Secluded Land Company over the years. In the spring of 2012, we received an email with properties that peaked our interest; those photos are to the right. We inquired a few weeks later, but the properties had already sold. However, the land intrigued us so much that we scheduled our vacation in Black River Falls in order to look for other properties for sale in the area.


While we were on our vacation, we learned that the properties across the water from the original properties would be on the market in another six weeks. So, we went down to the canoe landing and hiked up Hall's Creek to see the land....


While the hike and pictures below were not the properties for sale (they were just a bit further upstream), how do you not fall in love with what you see here?

Sidenote: Wisconsin was experiencing a severe drought in 2012, so the water levels were much lower than normal.

The pictures in the upper left hand corner and the lower right hand corner ended up being of our property, even though it was not for sale at the time.

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