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Getting Real

We set up our appointment to be the first on the properties and counted the days until the showing. Much discussion between us and the real estate agent, leading to a survey map. This showed clearly where the properties were located, so we took a day-trip up to Black River Falls to take another water-hike from the bridge to the properties. This way, we could see the waterfrontage before the show date, and if we did not like what we saw we could then back out of the showing.


We had settled on property #3, so this was the only one we needed to take a look at. It had the right acreage and frontage that we had been looking for.


Below are pictures of that water-hike and our first views of what would become our property.

Sidenote: Wisconsin was experiencing a severe drought in 2012, so the water levels were much lower than normal. In fact, the one picture shows the "sand bar" at the confluence of "Small Hall's Creek". This is our gauge on what a kayak experience will be like with regards to water level. At this level, the water would not be runnable without a lot of hang-ups. Five years gone by, and I have not seen the water this low again.

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