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Climate Breakdown


Climate Change.

Global Warming.

Is it happening?

What if it is not?

Is man contributing to this?

What if he is not?

These are complicated questions with complicated answers. Not everyone agrees.

We do believe the climate is breaking down at an accelerated rate, and that mankind is responsible. When we started on this journey, our very base thinking was to be doing what we can to teach people alternatives to their normal "being" that helps us sustain the planet..... our planet.... the only one we have ever found that can not only support life, but a wide variety of life.

For us, it comes down to this: If climate breakdown is not occurring.... and if we, in our personal lives and in our business, do our best to take care of our planet and our places and spaces on it.... what is the worse that can happen if we are wrong? Did we make the planet worse? Did we hurt people? Or did we make the world a better place?

Would it be better to ignore it? If you, as a non-believer, continue to conduct your life with a consumerist mentality and not do those things that protect our planet and the spaces and places on it.... what is the worse that can happen if you are wrong? Did you make the planet better? Did you hurt people? Or did you make the world a better place?

What if you could hear from a scientist? Would you believe what they have to say?

99% of the scientific community agree that climate breakdown is real, and man is causing it. And it is accelerating. Faster than anyone thought it would.

What if you could hear from a climate scientist? What about a climate scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory? Peter Kalmus is that guy. You can check out Peter's credentials here on Wikipedia and we will dedicate a page to him and his studies. Oh yeah, he is married to my cousin. So yeah, Peter is family. And his story is very unique and gives us a glimpse of the new life we must all learn to live. And most won't like it.

For most of us, "the scientists" are faceless unknown entities. I see Peter as a scientist that has some expertise in this area that I can put a face to and talk to. Peter does not just warn about what is coming; he has reduced his overall carbon footprint to 10% of what it used to be. So he is not just talking the talk; he is walking the walk.

Peter is also a published author; see his book for sale on Amazon. But Peter is not doing this to make money; he is doing it to get the message out. As a result, he has posted his book online here. So, you don't even need to buy a book to read his book.

Peter has also done a documentary titled the same as his book "Being the Change". You can see that for free on Amazon Prime.

Peter Kalmus Twitter Feed


Peter tweets as @ClimateHuman and is one of the top twenty most-followed climate scientists on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Peter has very liberal leanings, mostly due to climate initiatives. If you do not want to read liberal postings, you should not drill any deeper. That's the choice we all have.... to listen to other perspectives, or to totally disregard others' perspectives. He will also, at times, use offensive language.

I try to look beyond this to see what is really important in his message so I do ask that you consider the underlying message here more than the liberal leanings. If you want to dig deeper into his tweets, click here.

But I also fear that twenty years from now, we will all claim that "Peter was correct" to be raising the red flags. Twitter is one of his methods to let us know that we need to pay attention, because the alternative will lead to hardships we are already seeing in our lifetime. This is not something we can put off; we have to act now.

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