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Paddy's Landing to Brickhouse Road Landing

The trip:

While this is a very short trip, the uniqueness of this little stretch of water is thrilling.

Paddy's Drop is the main feature shortly after you depart Paddy's Landing. There is also a fun little side-chute across the river from Brickhouse Road Landing.

In lower water, the east channel also has some nice little micro-waterfalls to see. This requires paddling upstream the east channel after the end of the island.

Most times, this leg will be an extension of one of the legs upstream. But this is a fun little stretch that some will just want to have some fun with.

While I have never done this, in theory you can carry your kayak from Brickhouse Road Landing up to just above Paddy's Drop and put back in at the granite exposure just above the drop.

These granite outcroppings are also a good place to portage around the drop if you prefer not to take it. You should not take this drop if it is beyond  your capabilities.

If entering the drop, many times it is best to enter it from the river-right towards river-left line, as the standing wave will try to take you to the left also.

Kayak Route - BRS-PDL-BRD.png
Kayak Button - Yellow - with enhanced bl

Duration: 10 to 20 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Water Class: Class I-II

Leg: Paddy's Landing to Brickhouse Road Landing

Leg-specific precautions:

  • Paddy's Drop is a Class II drop that approaches Class III in higher water.

  • Hydraulic action at drops like this are a potential danger.

  • Give this stretch its proper respect; wear your helmet and PFD at all times.

About the Put-In (Paddy's Landing):

  • Jackson County maintains a dirt road down to a small parking area

  • Parking: there is parking for two to three vehicles

  • Facilities: none

  • Description: easy short hike from parking area down to gravel/sand bar

About the Take-Out (Brickhouse Road Landing):

  • Jackson County maintains a dirt road from Powerhouse Road to the landing

  • Parking: there is ample parking for five to ten vehicles

  • Facilities: none

  • Description: easy short hike from gravel/sand bar to parking area

The Black River
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