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About Clearwater Dells Camping Adventures

At Clearwater Dells, we practice sustainability, environmental respect and Leave No Trace, but are also highly interested in the mental peace that comes with experiencing what nature has to offer.


Kick back and relax.  Build your fire, cook your meals when you want, how you want.  No crowds here, just untamed nature.  Eight acres all to yourself with a bluff view and access to Halls Creek.  Enjoy the peace and tranquility.  Hike, kayak, fish, go sight seeing.  It's your time to unwind and regroup.   

Clearwater Dells Camping Amenities:

  • Cleared driveway to camping area

  • Cleared campsite for up to 10 tents.  You can group them together, but also have several areas away from the main area for privacy

  • A covered pavilion for rainy days, equipped with solar powered LED lights, a USB charging station (phones, ipads), 110V outlets for low amp demand equipment (air inflation pumps, radios) and informational posters w/emergency numbers, area maps, area information)

  • Fire pit with cooking grate (Always watch your campfire, never leave unattended and always fully extinguish when you are finished.  Always be mindful of current wind and "dryness" conditions of the surrounding area to avoid a potentially dangerous situation)

  • Outhouse (TP provided)

  • Two picnic tables

  • Campfire wood  

  • Stairs down the bluff to Halls Creek

  • And peace & quiet!

  • What you will need: What to Bring

A Word About Wildlife:

  • We are in northern Wisconsin, and therefore, there is much wildlife in and around our campsite. This includes the occasional elk, deer, bear, coyote, wolf and snakes.  Be aware of the surroundings and respectful of the wildlife.  Care should be exercised, especially with storage of food and garbage.

  • This being said, we have seen many deer, a few snakes, and bear scat... but no bears. The wildlife knows you are there and really don't want anything to do with you. We know there are elk in the area. We have seen bears only on security camera, and the few snakes keep the mouse population in check, which keeps the tick population in check. Speaking of ticks, we recommend always using a quality tick & mosquito repellent while camping.   Please respect the wildlife.

Pack Light if You Want:

  • We have the following available on-sight to rent:

    • 3 kayaks w/paddles, helmets and life jackets​ (you will have to transport)

    • Cooking pans & cooking utensils, plates & eating utensils, basic spices and cooking oil

    • Pricing and availability are available on HIPCAMP when making your reservations

Come Join Us:

  • All reservations and payments must be made through HIPCAMP.  

  • For availability and pricing information, please click here: Reservations


And more!  Activities Close-by:

  • Black River Falls - shopping, restaurants, groceries, hardware store, gas (about a 15-minute drive)

  • Lakes, rivers, kayaking/canoeing, fishing, ATV trails, hiking

  • State Parks with showers

See our Area Attractions Page for a complete list and links

LEAVE NO TRACE!  We believe in it & practice it!

  • If you bring it in, take it out.  That includes any trash you make. 

  • Clean up and put away any Clearwater Dells rentals. 

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