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Sustainable Driftless


                                                                -Sustainable Driftless

I stumbled upon a YouTube video a few years back when I was searching for information on the Driftless Area and found it to be a very well-made award-winning film. I felt it captured the magic I see in this area of the Midwest, and wanted more. Imagine my excitement when I learned of a second film.

But beyond the films, I really connected with their purpose.... to educate others on this remarkable area with the goal to protect it. It is easy to take this all for granted, and their efforts help us all to understand why this place is so "majestic".

So please.... check them out and offer your support. Only through our support can they continue their efforts that will protect these lands and waters for the variety of living creatures that occupy this area.

"Mysteries of the Driftless" is available for purchase from the Mississippi Valley Conservancy here. The cost is $20.00 plus $5.95 for shipping and handling. Clearwater Dells will rent this DVD to you for $15.00, which includes shipping to you and back to us via First Class USPS.

Due to the success of this documentary (it won an Emmy award), a second documentary was produced titled "Decoding the Driftless". This is available from Sustainable Driftless here. The cost is $25.00 for a DVD and $35.00 for a Blu-Ray, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. Clearwater Dells will rent this Blu-Ray to you for $15.00, which includes shipping to you and back to us via First Class USPS.

If you wish to rent either of these DVD's (or Blu-Ray), send us an email at and we'll get it shipped to you. We do request that you return our DVD's within three weeks of us shipping them to you. You can also rent both DVD's (the first is a DVD, the second is a Blu-Ray). We will rent both for $20.00, which includes shipping to you and back to us via First Class USPS.

While this new video is not available on YouTube, you can see the trailer here.....

Logo from George cropped to circle.png

Untamed Science created a really good documentary titled "Mysteries of the Driftless". While we own this DVD, you can actually see it on YouTube......

Clearwater Dells is a proud partner of Sustainable Driftless and endorse their efforts to educate what the Driftless Area has to offer and why we need to protect it

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