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Peace of Kayaking

You push your kayak away from the shoreline in the early morning, the only sound being that of moving water lapping against your kayak. You drift downstream, navigating periods of calm between the frequent riffles and rapids. You catch glimpses of deer and other wildlife along the beautiful shoreline as you travel.

The scenery is something breathtaking. Hall's Creek is called "The Little Dells up North", and you can see why with the unique rock outcroppings, the small waterfalls, springs and feeder streams. Paddlers consider this to be a premier destination, and you can understand why.

You continue downstream, navigating over a semi-disassembled dam, a fun little drop. You come upon the bald eagle that frequents this canyon, and watch her fly with you for a period of time. Two more significant drops, a boulder garden, and seeing a high-dropping waterfall greet you as you move towards the confluence with the Black River at Hall's Creek Canoe Landing.

In your busy, chaotic life, you have found what you need; you have found yourself. You have found Peace of Kayaking.

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