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I normally try to do my blog posts immediately after returning from a trip. That was not the case with my last few of 2020 and I am disappointed as you never remember all of the things that took place when so much time has passed. So, unfortunately, this is going to be a short post.

Another weekend with Dave, Bryan and Ron. We headed up on Friday and did some normal clearing/clean-up work. On Saturday morning, Ron and I did more bagging at the bottom of the stairs to make that stretch to the water more stable and safer. We continue to make progress.

On Saturday afternoon we took off to paddle Trow Lake and do a little fishing. I caught a decent smallmouth bass and Ron caught a perch. We also found our way to the channel that goes up the East Fork of Hall's Creek, which I believe is a Class II trout stream. I still would like to catch some trout and cook it on the campfire, so this could be a target to fulfill that need.

We headed back home on Sunday morning and obviously did not document our trip that afternoon. Bummer. I'll let the picture show tell the story a bit, I guess.


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