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Wow, that was cold

We wanted to get back up for a fall trip, but when we planned it we assumed we would have decent weather. It was clear with no rain, but it sure was cold.

Dave and I got to the property mid-afternoon on Thursday, while Bryan and John arrived after dark.

Fire was our friend.

According to AccuWeather, we hit a low of 21 degrees on Friday morning, and a low of 20 degrees on Saturday morning.

Yeah, we were in tents. With sleeping bags. And lots of blankets and layers.

Friday was our work day. We were able to clear the area behind us in the picture, and it really turned out nicely. We also did some clearing to the right of the truck. We were able to move our old garbage can rack into this new position to be able to use it for firewood storage. After cutting down four trees, we have ample firewood for the beginning of next season.

I had hoped we could do a little work, and then do some paddling up at Trow Lake. Fall colors were wonderful following a few months of major rains in the area. I really wanted to paddle and fish a bit to see the colors around the lake, but with weather that cold, getting wet would be problematic.

Hot Chocolate. Chili. Biscuits and Gravy. Spicy breakfast burritos. Rozario's pizza. This is all good cold-weather food. Oh, and John's burgers for lunch. We do try to do food right when we camp.

We all headed out Saturday morning after we were packed up and dried out. The original intent was to stay until Sunday, but we all felt like we had enough coldness and looked forward to warm showers and warm beds.

Left the Bravo trailer up there.... hope it does well.

While I prefer trips where we do something adventurous, this was a good trip to just hang by the fire and try to stay warm. I think we are all satisfied with the work we got done, and it gets us ready to begin to focus on the stairs and the pavilion as we head into next year.

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