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Bryan liked the water hike to the falls

Primary purposes of this trip was to do final year mowing and clean-up, along with hauling pop-up camper back home.

Mowing went well; we double-teamed it with two push-mowers and were done in about an hour-and-a-half.

So, I'll just state one thing about mice and using dryer sheets to repel them from your space. The mouse that had not quite established residence inside the camper had at least gone far enough to use the dryer sheets to build its nice little mouse nest. This being said, I ended up sterilizing the entire trailer when I arrived at home. It must be Bounce sheets; or at least that is what I am told.

The next morning, Bryan and I put on our waders (the water was pretty cold) and hiked up to what I am now calling the "third drop", referring to the three primary drops along the kayaking trip from Garage Road to Clearwater Dells. We fished a little, but really weren't trying too hard. There are a few holes around this third drop that most likely hold smallies, if not a few trout. But, that is for trying on another day.

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