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Trow Lake Dam to Garage Road

About the Put-In: The beach and public boat landing for Trow Lake has ample parking for vehicles. The hike to Hall’s Creek is down a steep path; not insurmountable, but not what I would call “easy” either. Location is river-left.

About the Take-Out: Garage Road has rough parking for just one or two vehicles, but is a reasonable hike up from Hall’s Creek. Location is upstream river-left.


The trip:


Leg: Trow Lake Dam to Garage Road

Hall’s Creek is dammed in the town of

Duration: 1.5-2 Hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Water Class: Class I (II)

Leg: Trow Lake Dame to Garage Road

Merrillan creating Trow Lake, also known as Lower Merrillan Lake. Put-in for paddlers is immediately below the Trow Lake Dam.

While we may call this an Intermediate-Level leg, there is not anything real technical about this trip. There are no official “drops”, but are plenty of riffles and small rapids, nothing greater than a Class I. However, it is a nice step up from the Beginner-Level leg of Clearwater Dells to Hall’s Creek Landing.

The main characteristic of this leg is the endless beauty of this waterway in a canyon-type setting that will give you a taste and appetite for what you might see on the Advanced-Level leg of this waterway.

Leg-specific precautions:

  • Still need to fill this in

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